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Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately.  I’ve been so involved with projects and putting finishing touches on my book that I’ve put blog updates on the back burner.

I also have a venture that’s picking up some steam in the SEO world, but on the fulfillment side.  If you do any search engine optimization, and need backlinks, please visit this page as I’ve built up quite a reputation providing quality PBN links and guest posts for select people.

Those are my quick updates, which were long overdue.  Now, back on topic….

Why I Created

The Internet is an odd place.  Perhaps the best video I can point to that sums up “what goes on” on the Internet is the famous Dave Chapelle clip poking fun at all the slime that covers the web and attempts to deceive less-than-savvy users as they handle their daily business.

The video was hilarious, as is all of Dave’s stuff….

“What if the Internet was a Real Place?”

If you don’t know what you are doing online, you can get lost in that filthy web, and it’s not a fun, or profitable, way to go about life.

The #1 goal of my website is to teach.  I’ve fallen more times than I can count.  I’ve gotten up after each one.  I’ve learned, edited, and amplified those experiences.  I’m NOT tech savvy.  I have very average test scores.  However, I have a desire, dedication, and determination.  (and I’m pretty sure that was on one of my high school football team’s shirts, lol)

Make the Internet Your Playground

As someone who has made a living online by consulting, creating, managing, and for the most part, selling consumer packaged goods, dating back to 2002, I’ve certainly seen my share of the roller coaster ride many Internet Marketers experience when they quit their jobs and go “all in” on trying to make a living from an Internet connection.

Don’t believe me?  I could write a book on the subject, and some day perhaps I will sit down and actually hammer it out and make it the best-seller it deserves to be.  For now, I’m perfectly happy with what I have going on and want to do my part to pass along knowledge and experience from my time in the trenches.

Follow me and learn from experiences like the ones below that shaped me into an E-Commerce Authority and Internet Entrepreneur.  Sorry, but you can’t learn this in ANY classroom.

  1. The Evolution of Google.  

Back when I sold SEO services for a start-up company in South Florida, we told all of our clients one thing – get listed in Yahoo!

Say what?  


It’s been fun watching you grow up, little buddy.

If you are under the age of 30, you may not remember the days when Yahoo! was the search engine with the market share, the place everyone wanted – and needed – to be.  They had a sponsored listings partnership with (formerly, and the pay-per-click advertising giant was the only game in town.  Feeding Yahoo! results through SEO AND Overture was a powerful 1-2 punch to get the most traffic.

Slowly, this all changed.  Google was as search engine we would tell clients about.  It was an up-and-coming engine that used a linking algorithm instead of what was working at Yahoo! at the time. (Old school marketers certainly remember the formula to rank in the Directory, which was heavily based on the domain, title, and description.  We saw a lot of sites trying to rank for “Blue Widgets” use a domain like “” with titles and meta descriptions that led with the same keyword.  This was when SEO was much less complex, but then…..came……Google.

For me, it was 2003 when Google really hit the radar and became the go-to place to find stuff online.  

In fact, I am friendly with some of the original first advertisers of their company, back when the Chairman, Eric Schmidt, was still doing sales.  Schmidt, worth $12.6 BILLION as of May 2017.  Yeah, no relation, unfortunately.

Brokering many advertising deals for Google through my SEO clients, I once hosted employees of Google in Miami Beach to do a formal meet-and-greet.  The company was in it’s infancy, and they weren’t being paid very well back then.  At 23, I was entertaining them, buying them drinks, because in their own words “they didn’t have the means to keep up in South Beach.”  A couple years later, those same sales agents cashed out over eight figures each.

Google may be the most remarkable company I’ve followed from up-close throughout my days in E-Commerce and Internet Marketing, but it certainly isn’t the only one.

2.  You CAN Compete With the Big Boys

If you are the roll-up-your sleeves type of person, the Internet is a great place to work.  Let’s look at the pro’s of working online.

  • Generate sales 24/7/365 because remember…..the #internetneversleeps
  • Work from anywhere
  • Sell to anyone, anywhere
  • Hire help from anywhere to assist with literally anything
  • Access to anyone – the Internet allows people from everywhere to connect instantly

Let’s look at exactly HOW someone like YOU can compete with a large company with a hefty budget.

Again, this assumes you have the desire, energy, and focus to outwork them.

Most companies have employee hours of 9-5, but let’s even say they work 9-6 or work a little overtime and put in 60 hours per week.

When the Internet Marketing guy at a company that sells blue widgets for a large company goes home at night, he’s exhausted.  He kisses his wife, plays with the kids for a while, has some dinner, and turns on the television.

The last thing he wants to do is think about work, sales trends, and how much money the company he works for is making, because he was in that environment all day long.

You, on the other hand, have the ability to compete smartly, because you aren’t driven by a schedule.  You work when you want to, and for this reason the time you put into work is time better spent.

Most Saturday mornings, when everyone else is “sleeping in” (something I haven’t done since college) I get in about 3-4  hours of work.  It’s not really “work,” more so analyzing trends, making progress on ideas, and doing things that make the following week flow in a more efficient manner.

Many evenings, even if I’m dialed into a Miami Heat game or watching Monday Night Football, I’ll have my laptop out. I’ll sift through customer service emails, look at the marketing of the competition, or just follow up on late-arriving emails from throughout the day to keep things moving.  When you operate the business 24/7/365, it’s not really a job, it’s just servicing the needs to keep a well-oiled machine going.

Think of the big company and their work flow.  Once Friday hits and everybody goes home, everything stops.  The work stacks up and the follow-ups are thick on Monday morning.  By dialing into the business, even just for a small 30 minute window on an evening, weekend, or Holiday, can give a huge competitive advantage.

Also think about THIS….

According to this article, there are 260 days per year in which Americans “work.”  This doesn’t account for vacation days, of course.

Most people commute. 

I’ll call the average commute time 30 minutes. I just made that up, it could be much more time actually. But let’s face it; there are ancillary pieces into what creates a commute time. Getting ready. (For women this is a much longer process.) Parking. Stopping for coffee and/or something to eat.  Getting pulled over.  The list goes on, and on, and on.

Then of course, let’s face it, most people arrive at work and chitchat for several minutes or gather around the water cooler.

This is all  wasted time.  For what?  So people can work together, in tiny cubicles with people they usually could care less about?

260 workdays multiplied by an hour per day of commuting, lands us at 260 hours wasted commuting.  (Which again is on the very conservative side.) This equates to an extra 10.83 DAYS per year which go completely wasted.  These are days when Internet Entrepreneurs who CAN work from home, a yacht, an island, or a Starbucks, totally dominate the competition.

How much further ahead do I get not having the wasted 11 days (and let’s face it, it’s much more than that) and having the ability to wake up, throw on some coffee, have a quick bowl of oatmeal, and fire up the computer while the coffee brews? I estimate I get 3-4 weeks ahead of “Corporate America” on this factor alone each YEAR. This doesn’t count the time I put in on evenings and weekends, the time employees waste on the job (see: Forbes Article on time wasted at work), and even more factors like “what if someone hits traffic and arrives late?

Large corporations will argue that their employees are connected via smart-phones, and always willing to help on their off hours, but I associate with many people in life and I’ve only found that equity partners give a rats tail about the businesses performance once they step out of their offices.

Advantage:  Internet Entrepreneurs.

3.  I’ve Bailed.  I’ve Failed.  I’ve Prevailed.

You haven’t lived until you’ve lost a small fortune.  At 24 I was on top of the world.  Working for some great minds at an up-and-coming company as the VP of Business Development and making well into the five figures consistently every month.  Living on South Beach in a high rise with a view of 5 different pool scenes, Star Island, and Shaquille O’Neal’s house, was certainly nice.

But I still had to drive to an office and share the fruits of my labor with my higher ups.

This wasn’t fun, so I set out to make things happen on my own terms.  I up and left, ditching a very large client base and revenue stream to start from scratch.  Fast forward through 4 months of struggles and networking, and I finally put together what became a perfect partnership that leveraged my sales and management skills with a genius inventor who was well respected in the Internet Marketing community.  The rest, is history, like the say. Our ventures were highly profitable for several years and when the gravy train started to run dry, we parted ways and looked for new opportunities.

I deviated, and went down the path of chasing real estate riches.  I was young, cocky, and believed I could do anything.  (That’s a good thing, but sometimes can lead to an impossible quest as I found out.)  I moved to Costa Rica with dreams of creating communities and spending my life managing a golf course and planned development we had master planned and truly believed in.  While we did our best marketing the project on the Internet and reached people through our marketing plan all over the world, the real estate market dried up in late 2007 and most Americans were left without income to pay their State-side mortgages, let alone invest in an up-and-coming community in Costa Rica.  After a couple of years attempting everything that came to our minds, we scrapped the project and held the land as an investment.  While the project was a failure, it was a learning experience that taught me one core lesson – “stick to what you know.”

When the page officially turned on that project in early 2009, I set out to get back into e-commerce.  I created brands in evolving, high-demand markets that revolve around health and wellness, and since then, have been growing them every year.  There were many “new tricks” to learn along the way as I’d been away from the Internet arena for a while, but when I reached out to contacts I’d been working with in the past, I caught up, and I caught up fast!  #boom.  

SEO has made quite a few shifts since I’ve got back into selling online.  Namely Panda, Penguin, (a couple times) and MSN changing to “BING.”  Yahoo! has new leadership and considerably less market share when compared to 2002.  It’s been a wild ride, and I’m happy to have come out on top.

4.  I Witnessed Something Incredible….

Being at the forefront of an industry is something I’ll never forget.  To me, there is nothing more incredible than the growth in use of electronic cigarettes.  I’m not just talking about how they’ve become so popular, but more so, I’m talking about how they came to be what they are today.

Around 2009, we were having a great ramp-up period with our anti aging creams.  Life was good.  Working as a start-up between our Costa Rica office and my Miami area home, things were all on the upward swing.  I was back into e-commerce and watching my 4 year old ride his bike when I got a phone call from an affiliate and long-time Internet Marketing buddy Dustin.  Dustin was doing well promoting our anti aging products, and we discussed his views on that industry, but as someone who was always dialed into “what’s hot,” he wanted to share a new idea with me.  He had told me that he knew of an industry that was heating up (pun intended) and that industry was electronic cigarettes.

“Those are a total scam,” I said.  “I’ve seen those sold by those awful mall sales people….they can’t work,” I added.  

“Just let me send you some of the products I’m promoting, you’ll be impressed with how these work – these aren’t mall brands,” he countered.  

Never one to let free samples slide by, I took delivery of the products and sure enough, these were incredible.  I was never a smoker growing up, but I’d been known to be caught with one in college after a few too many beers.  That trend immediately stopped when I tried the electronic cigarette, and I embraced the product as a serious advance in technology.  Everyone I let sample the product thought the same.

A few months later, I was introduced to the CEO of a company that had a residential home packed with boxes (my own terms) and an organized, yet chaotic staff running in circles filling orders.  I was intrigued, impressed, and interested.  After a few months of giving 20 hours per day effort into learning the business, I started recording videos of myself using various electronic cigarette brands and talking about the pro’s and con’s of each device.  It led one e-cig CEO to call me “The Godfather of Electronic Cigarette Reviews.”  I was a pioneer in the sense that I was the first person to dedicate an entire YouTube channel to e-cig reviews, and it was something that I saw a future in.

So what’s so incredible about this experience?

I entered a manufacturing agreement with that “chaotic” company, and I have skin in the game with a very formidable, unmistakable brand. I continue to manage the Marketing aspects and product creation, and am very active with other brand owners in a group we call SFATA.  (Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association.)    That same staff that I referred to as “running in circles” resides in a four floor bay-front building in Miami, and generates $100 million + in revenue.   That’s all in 3.5 years.  Not too shabby… fact, I’d call it “Incredible.”

Ps.  that insane office is “just” their USA corporate office.  They have others.

Pss.  their warehouse is the size of most football stadiums and is a separate location.

5.  The Focus Factor

I’ve never been one to “focus.”  In fact, my friends in college used to call me “ADD” because I couldn’t sit still.  Sometimes people want to just have a beer, watch a game, and relax. I always wanted to add some physical element to the mix, like billiards, darts, bubble hockey, or cards.  I simply don’t understand how people can lay on couches all day or “take naps” because those types of things just aren’t fulfilling to me.  I get nothing out of them.

On another token, I’m a little jealous that people actually CAN relax.  I only get relaxation therapy if I don’t have anything on my mind, am in a pool, lake, or ocean, and far away from any Internet connection or mobile device.  I’m definitely wired different, I’ve even left luxury spa’s in the middle of a great massage because something was on my mind and I needed to send someone a text about it.

So why is this important?

You can learn from the sheer determination I used when I returned to the US for good. I was on a mission, but I wasn’t very liquid at the time.  I moved in with my then fiance and her family, in a five bedroom home with 12 people.  Maybe even more, I didn’t really count.  The fact that five of them were age five or below and spoke 100% Spanish was the really tough part.  Try having an intelligent conversation with someone you are trying to make things happen with and have random Spanish screams in the background – makes life tough.

When re-building my life online I set up shop at seven local Starbucks and a great (now closed) coffee shop about 14 hours per day. I’d only return home when I absolutely had to, because the volume of work I could get done was that much greater when I was away.  I estimate I wrote ten million words of content in various coffee shops, met about 100 baristas over a 7 month stretch that knew me on a first name basis, and caught a lot of the town gossip and “Housewives” information just by eavesdropping when I had a moment for a break.

That focus to work anywhere, rotate my “office” literally every 3 hours so I wouldn’t be “that guy who hangs here all day” was what separated me from the pack. It would have been easy to give up, try to get a job somewhere, and just let that backpacking with a computer type of lifestyle be.

But I persevered, which led to “moving on up.”  As Notorious BIG sang…. “Things Done Changed.”

Knowing those experiences will help you understand my musings here on

I’ve been there, done that, and continue to do it.  Call me unconventional, call me contrarian, call me whatever you like, but please do it on social media and give me the link love by using the social icons below!

And be ready for my book on how average guys can get ahead in life, coming sometime in 2019.