Hey everyone, it’s been a while since I updated my blog, and it’s with good reason. Life is full of surprises, and 2019 has been no different.  Just after the Super Bowl, my Father was diagnosed with AML, a blood cancer.  The story is long, convoluted, and with a lot of twists and turns.  He was on vacation in Australia when this happened, and it was nothing short of a nightmare to miraculously get him back into the USA after four private carriers got him to Tampa, where an ambulance waited for him on the tarmac.  For the full story, visit the Caring Bridge page my Mother has so graciously updated whenever news unfolds, good or bad.

While the plot twists, updates, and family time have really eaten up a lot of my time and thoughts, it hasn’t left me with a ton of time to put the final touches on my book, Amplifying Average.  The book in itself is completed, but it’s now going through editing, cover art design, and all the nitty gritty details that take time and thought.  I hadn’t had a ton of time to focus on that, and being it’s something I worked very hard on for many years off and on, I don’t want to half ass it.  I still don’t have a set release date, but I’d hope that by the time Summer is over, it’s ready and I can push LAUNCH and unleash my thoughts to the world.  While I’m disappointed to not get it out by my May 15 target date, life goes on.  There are more important things to focus on.  In a major win, I’m super stoked to have a great friend and mentor write the forward!  I don’t want to go public with the name yet, but let’s just say he’s really someone who motivates me and inspires me to do so much more with my life!

Other than keeping my own ventures running and consulting clients and mentoring affiliate marketers, soccer has dominated my free time. Timo is now Captain of his Under 14 Weston Select team and it’s got us traveling all around Florida playing games.  Here’s a shot of him that they used on the promo for the ad for next year’s team tryouts.

Tim Schmidt Weston Select

It’s been an amazing year!  The boys won the league championship along with a couple of tournaments so far, and we have one left in Naples over Memorial Day Weekend to finish the season.  We always argue who was a better player at this age.  While I won’t ever concede to him, the kid can play.  It’s amazing watching him and his teammates progress, and it’s awesome seeing the bond these boys have.  Makes everything we work for worth the effort!

This Summer the boys play in the National Games in Hawaii over the 4th of July.  While I’ll be sad to miss the 4th in Minnesota, it’ll be an amazing experience for the kids…..and let’s face it, the parents!  We have a diverse set of families on our team and it’s been really cool seeing how so many cultures all stand together for the common goal – our boy’s happiness.

Between the travel to Tampa and Fort Myers to see Mom and Dad and keep up with his progress, Timo and I were able to get away for a few days and enjoy his Spring Break in Grand Cayman for some much needed time together – without FIFA Soccer and Fortnite getting in the way.

Cayman Islands 2019

Other than that, it’s Internet Business as usual!  There’s been a lot of changes in the landscape of SEO, Amazon, E-Commerce, but the fundamentals remain the same.  Connect with me if you are looking for guidance and direction online, or have ideas to collaborate on.

To be informed of my book launch, and get a signed copy, please submit your email address here and you’ll get separate updates regarding that.

All my best to everyone – keep your heads high and stay positive.