I can’t remember a more challenging year than the last 12 months, to be totally honest.  I lost my Father in late August after a long fight with cancer.  I appreciate everyone who reached out and showed support throughout the struggle.  We wrapped up his celebration of life in Fort Myers, Florida, with a beautiful service followed by cocktails at my parents golf club.  I was ecstatic to be surprised by many of my closest friends and relatives showing up, despite Hurricane Dorian being a threat to travel on the always busy Labor Day Weekend.

For this reason, my book release was really the last thing on my mind, which I touched on in my last blog entry.  It’s really something I need to be enthusiastic about and be able to speak about with some energy, so I stopped working on it more or less the entire time my Dad was ill, which started in February.  I’m happy to announce we’re back at it and putting the final touches on it now, so it’s just around the corner.

Update:  In a September podcast (Sharkpreneur, but Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington), I was offered a publishing deal.  I gladly accepted, and we’re launching November 20th.  You can listen to the podcast here.

Ahead of the release, I’ve been quite busy appearing on podcasts. Here’s a few recent pods I did in case you want to listen:

(Also embedded below.)

There are many more planned, so it’ll be a busy fall season as usual.

In addition to that, I remain working hard in e-commerce, SEO consulting and management, and am really starting to outline my second book, which is loosely based on my many life experiences that don’t pertain to business!  As a teaser, if you enjoyed the Wolf of Wall Street, this is a must read!

I don’t want to get ahead of myself, however……it’s a big fourth quarter and I need to get book #1 published and see how the world reacts to it.  🙂

Other than that, soccer season is here which means my boy is busy with Middle School soccer and travel soccer.  I continue to be a “soccer Mom” most week nights and just about every weekend.

Timo Schmidt

I don’t have any crazy travel planned any time soon other than some quick weekend trips, so until this book is released I’ll be hunkered down getting back into a much needed routine.

Stay positive and stay healthy this fall!