I’ll admit, I was one of the last people to buy into the fear that has become a world pandemic.  We had a Spring Break everyone was looking forward to, and we didn’t cancel it until March 16.  It’s amazing how much the world has changed since then.  Looking back, I wish I had started this diary earlier, but in looking back at everything I’ve achieved personally and professionally, I felt it was a good self-reminder to make a public post documenting everything I started, finished, and accomplished during COVID-19.  Of course, it wasn’t all about work, as you’ll see.  There’s just something about having 4-6 more hours per day to fill with activities that makes life a bit more interesting – and it all can’t be spent on work!

I’ll start with the end of March, when we pretty much had it locked in stone that April would be shut down.  It was hard at first, but then things just started turning very quickly.  At one point in time, Broward County had more cases of the COVID-19 then Dade County.  I should say “Documented Cases,” because let’s be honest, it’s not a case until someone records it.

If you haven’t seen my Tips for Internet Marketers During Coronavirus, I urge you to check that out.

Things I Did During COVID-19 – April Edition

For starters, I wrote a lot more content than I usually write.  I’ve been updating blogs and sites more frequently and even personally writing client marketing pieces instead of relying on one of my team members, so that’s been a change that has sparked a lot of creativity. I even put some new energy into a passion project, my Tequila Review website and look to monetize that when this is all said and done.  Note to self, that mix of White Claw, Cointreau, Agave, and Casamigos was tasty but dangerous.

Next, I really focused on fitness.  With all the extra time spent doing Zoom calls with friends locally and in far away places, the level of drinking has gone up.  It’s not just me, it’s widely reported that booze sales are sky high right now, as they should be.  People are bored, lonely, and without anything to do and anywhere to go.  So, with all the extra calories that come with drinking, I figured I’d use some of my extra down time to take more walks, go for jogs, and use the Peloton that used to sort of be a nice decoration in our weight room.  I’ve even got my son set up on it and he’s riding it along with lifting weights.  These pictures are just snap shots of what was recorded, and sort of help me build a foundation for May.  The goal is to beat all of these numbers!

april peloton tim schmidt

I definitely got my money’s worth on my bike this month.

average steps in april

I think last year I averaged 4,000 steps per day.  Working at home and barely leaving the house will do that to an Internet Marketer.  This year, I decided to take all my calls while on a walk, and just have set times to get outside and walk, run, or just be active.  It all adds up.

On the home front, I’ve been keeping busy doing things that I’ve let go by the wayside.  Filling in more rock in my landscaping, power washing the house, cleaning my fountains, stuff like that.  We even put a Nintendo (old school 8 bit) in our outdoor bar, so that’s been a game changer that’s kept us busy at night when we’re not binge watching NetFlix.  (Highly recommend Ozark if you haven’t seen it, and of course, Tiger King!)

I’ve re-watched Narcos Mexico and sipped tequila during just about every episode.  Excited for season three to come out!

New clients are coming out of the woodwork as people are realizing that they should have Internet traffic in times like this when people can’t see billboards, network, or do any face to face meetings.  I’ve boarded several new clients and am excited to get a few more.  Visit this page if you have any Digital Marketing questions.

I’ll update this for May as things unfold!  Until then, stay safe.