In 2018, I promised to be more active in blogging.  To me, it’s a solid reminder of how life unfolds so rapidly as well as a constant reminder of the good, bad, and ugly things that life presents us.

As life keeps moving on, I decided I needed a hashtag to symbolize what I do.  I felt like #EarnFromAnywhere was a solid choice because years ago, I set a goal to be able to earn a living from wherever life takes me.  If you want to see me working in various environments, keeping the ship moving, the team together, and the family fed, just search that hash tag on Instagram.  As expected my long term friends are even using it to clown me. #TotallyCalledThat.

I’m not really one to make a list of New Years Resolutions, but I will say that each and every year I attempt to re-define personal and work goals with the end result being to encourage health & wealth.  For me, it all comes down to one thing – balance.

Health is Wealth

As I enter my last 9 months of my thirties, the focus (at least the last 2+ years) has been on health as the number one priority.  About 20 months ago, I said “I’m done being lazy. It’s gonna happen this year.”  Since then, I’ve kept off 20 pounds by focusing on staying active, eating better, and almost entirely cutting beer our of my diet.  (Growing up in Minnesota, and having savage friends like I do, who are complete Beer Snobs, is nearly impossible.)  I really had no excuse for being that heavy anyway, as I played soccer and hockey year round my entire life, and when I wasn’t doing that, I was a gym rat.  When I moved to South Florida, way back when, somehow I fell out of shape and never really went back to being active the way I was growing up in Minnesota.

When I REALLY fell out of shape was when I moved to Costa Rica.  Life was too easy with all the help I had around the house and there were many ups and downs that led to a life of golfing with a case of Corona’s every day.  When that is your main objective in life, for 6-9 months straight, well, things fall apart very quickly.

That’s in the rear view mirror, however.

It’s easy to make excuses in life, but I’m not going to make one for health any longer.  I have all the resources, including gym memberships locally and everywhere I travel to frequently. I have a diverse offering of spinning (Cyclebar is my favorite), group workouts, (I still do Orange Theory Fitness on occasion), and good old fashioned weight lifting.  My girlfriend always gets us into hot pilates, yoga, and boot camps, which are some of the most challenging workouts on Earth.  Never thought I’d say that, but damn.  The sweat is unreal.

Let’s Review a Busy January 2018

New Years Eve was spent relaxing in Las Vegas.  If you had money on me ever putting that in writing, cash your ticket.

My gal and I made food, watched the ball drop on the East Coast, and pretty much went to bed.  I had an early flight back to Florida and was returning to Las Vegas in just five days for networking and meet-ups at Affiliate Summit West.

Four hard days of work, going through various renovations at my house, and spending every waning second of free time with my son, and it was back to Vegas.  This was to be a fast and furious trip that required me to stay on trip (I usually stay in Summerlin) due to many pre-arranged and yet to be arranged meetings.

I hit the ground running, meeting up with a few Internet Marketing friends at the Mirage for a few Old Fashioned’s.  The Center Bar makes one of the best ones I’ve had in a minute, so we enjoyed those while watching the Tennessee Titans pull off a come from behind win against the favored Kansas City Chiefs.

Drinks spilled into dinner and more Internet Marketing friends joined in the fun.  Good times.

Many people were in the going out mood but I wanted to be fresh for the next few days ahead, so we made a night of high stakes slots (and won!), ordered room service, and went to bed.

Sunday morning we were at the Wynn for breakfast.  Jardin is one of my favorites out there, and re-grouping with people was interesting as one guy had made it an all night event and looked the part.  Hey, when in Vegas….

Sunday afternoon was spent checking into the event to avoid the lines the next day, as well as some time teaching my friend Jason how to win at slots!  Of course, football games were on, which made things that much more fun.

Monday was show time.  It was rather slow this year, with a scaled down exhibit floor compared to 2017.  I still got to bump into some vendors of mine and see sold new and old faces.  While I didn’t make any crazy connections with vendors at the show, I chatted with enough people I needed to link up with to call it a success.

A quick workout, rest, and then the National Championship game.  To think that two SEC powers were going to square off for the title meant it was destined to be an all time great game, but nobody could predict what happened.  Tough loss for Georgia, I would have loved to see them beat Alabama, but the game was just insanity.

After the game, it was Dinner with a friend and client.  That took us until pretty late, which made my noon flight home highly undesirable, especially in the rain.

Affiliate Summit Review 2018

To be honest, the topic of this show was NOT affiliate marketing.  It was cryptocurrency.  Just ask anyone who attended.  Or, just ask the gentlemen I sat next to on the ride home.  Just about every passenger on the American Airlines flight was talking crypto.  I guess when the prior 60 days had a run that most of us still can’t believe, well, it’s certainly a conversation piece.

Other than that, it was just networking with old pals and seeing a few new faces I had yet to put with the name.  All in all, it was busy, fun, and so far, rewarding.  Remember, you are always one introduction away from changing your life. 

Affilaite Summit 2018

Affiliate Summit wrapped up and the flight home was a good chance to catch up on emails and plan out some content.  My whole theme for January is to “Stay Healthy,” and I’m not just talking about getting into shape, but it’s also to avoid falling ill.  I can’t afford a flu, cold, or sore throat, so wellness shots, along with ginger, turmeric, and orange juice, were a staple in my diet.

The week of January 8 was one of anticipation.  Of course, I’m talking about the Vikings game. 

Watching the Vikings Attempt to #BringItHome

But first, there were a few things that had to happen.  For starters, my son had a soccer tournament in the Palm Beach Gardens area.  They won two games by wide margins yet didn’t advance to the Championship, but he was bummed. It’s amazing how these 12 year olds play so well and organized.

After being amazed by the Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville game, I thought the Vikings game would be a snoozefest.  How does the NFL have so many crazy games in the Playoffs?

Well, the best thing ever happened and the Vikings jumped out to a 17-0 lead.  I was going crazy!  In the first half, I bought tickets to Philadelphia, where the winners were going to play in the upcoming weekend.  Not even the VIKINGS can lose a 17 point lead.  No way.  Not with this year’s defense.  First row, Philadelphia, here we come.


“This is the Vikings,” I explained to my friends in a disgruntled tone.  “This always happens.  So damn typical.  I totally expect us to blow this game.”

As the Saints roared back to take the lead, only for us to somewhat miraculously stomp down the field and regain it, only to leave way too much time on the clock in the process, I couldn’t help but feel deflated once again. A promising season ending with a blown lead.  Certainly, Drew Brees could march down the field, kick the game winning field goal, and leave us without any timeouts, let alone time, to go back and return the favor.

Even if by some miracle, they did get that slim chance to match the field goal, we’d miss it.  It’s just the luck we’re accustomed to as Minnesotans.

Just three years ago, I sat with a cold and flu like symptoms early in the morning, in Las Vegas, with my now girlfriend and her friends.  Blair Walsh hooked a field goal most fifth graders could certainly knock down with an hour’s worth of training, and our upset of Seattle was taken from us.

Bring it home

But wait, that’s just the freshest memory of all.  Prior to that we had what would have been a game winning field goal attempt against this same Sean Payton Coached, Drew Brees Quarterbacked Saints team that cheated their way to victory by trying to hurt our players.  Namely, the great Brett Favre.  However, it was Favre himself who threw an ill advised interception that negated that opportunity from happening.  The most magical season a Vikings Quarterback had ever produced was erased with that one errant throw.

But let’s back up even further.  The 1999 team, playing in the NFC Championship game, led by a young Randy Moss, a resurgent Randall Cunningham, and of course, the guy who simply caught everything thrown his way – Cris Carter, fell to the Atlanta Falcons on a missed Gary Anderson kick.  Yep, Mr. Automatic, the guy who hadn’t missed all year.

There are other moments that swished around my mind.  Waking up to a 41-0 loss versus the Giants in the NFC Championship only amplified a hangover I really worked hard to get in Costa Rica in 2001.  Yep, I missed the entire first half thanks to something called “Guaro.”

My host family didn’t even attempt to wake me up, citing that by the time they located the channel in then rural Costa Rica, it was 34-0.  They figured I would rather sleep.  Ironically, that seems to be what every Viking on that roster did as Kerry “Vodka” Collins threw for 5 touchdowns.  Ouch.

Although a distant memory, I remember being huddled up with my family when Darrin Nelson dropped a pass on 4th down to tie the game versus Washington, once again in the NFC Championship way back in 1987.

Those are just the ones that sting the most.  There are many other Vikings moments that are just “so Viking” that they aren’t anything any other sports fan can relate to.

And then, this happened….

Now known as the “Minneapolis Miracle” thanks to a wonderful call by Paul Allen, this magical moment, which ranks up there with the Twins miracles of 1987 and 1991, is certainly one to create the thought that there are ghosts of Minnesota’s past in US Bank Stadium.  Was it the late Prince himself, a beloved Vikings fan, who made the Saints defender miss the tackle?

Prior to the game I had purchased two front row seats to Philadelphia.  If the Vikings were to win, I was Philly bound.  I knew I would have no problem getting a friend to go and take the other ticket, and when I sent a pic of the two tickets to my group text of SJU friends, Alex Wesley jumped at the opp to sit in row one with me.

As our texts continued to go back and forth, we ended up getting six of us to head to the game.  With two friends living in Baltimore, we had places to stay just 90 minutes from Philly.

When I started telling people about this trip, the questioning began.

“Why would you go to Philadelphia?  Their fans will berate you.”  – Everyone.

“Leave me in your will.”  – Greg Morrison. 

“I’ve never told you of all people this, but be careful.”  – Tom Lerdal.

“Be extremely careful.” – Steve Graham.

Many other people issued similar statements, and not a single person had a good thing to say about the fan experience in Philadelphia.  Notoriously vulgar, rude, and obnoxious, these fans don’t welcome their own Mother’s into the stadium if they are rooting for the other team.

Usually when a scenario or environment is discussed so openly like this, it’s an over-reaction.

This was not an over-reaction.  Entering this stadium with the opposing team’s colors on is what I imagine it’s like walking into a third world prison.  Everyone chanting “asshole, asshole,” and booing as they throw jello shots, beer cans, bottles, rocks, and anything else in their possession.

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The middle finger is as common as a blink of an eye in Philadelphia. 

The nice fans just boo and tell you that you aren’t welcome.

The nicer ones throw stuff at you.

The meaner ones spit in your face, push you without any reason, and do all they can to get you engaged in a fight. 

There were stories of Vikings fans having their hats taken off and urinated on.

There were reports of assault.  Lots of them.

Alex had a full beer thrown in his face after Philadelphia scored a touchdown.  When law enforcement got involved they called it “an accident” and took the side of the aggressor who clearly looked like meth his drug of choice.

The Stadium Security’s only help offered to our fan base was advice to “leave the Stadium if you want to be safe.”

Like, thanks! 

Your job is to keep people safe.  Throw out bad people, reprimand people committing crimes.   Make sure the kids are enjoying the game in a safe environment. Make sure people aren’t being assaulted.

None of that was done.  It was complete mayhem.  Not a soul was safe. Not a child, not an elder, not anyone in between.  

I felt awful for people who were doing a good deed in taking their children to an NFC Championship game.  Some of my fondest memories growing up are the sporting events of our local teams making playoff runs and thanks to my hard working Father, being there in the big moments.  Those are memories that will never vanish.

Instead, thanks to the lack of care by ANYONE in Philadelphia to create an environment where people feel safe, what would have been pleasant memories have turned into absolute nightmares.

There are many videos online of Vikings fans being heckled on their way into the bars surrounding Lincoln Financial field.  Mine is grainy and short, mostly because I deemed my hands more important to stop flying objects coming at me than recording this unforgettable moment.

Of course, once the game started and we took a 7-0 lead, you could hear a pin drop.  However, shortly after, the Eagles scored a defensive touchdown and the momentum shift was one like I’ve never seen.  This made the home team fans even more intolerable, and their mouths just kept getting even more out of control:

Go back to Iceland, you faggots.

We’re gonna burn down your City next weekend, you assholes.

Fuck you.  Fuck your Mom.  Fuck your team.  Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

Granted, most of these bums could hardly form a sentence due to being so drunk and drugged, and the slurred Italian accents made them all sound like Rocky after he got his ass whipped.  It’s like everyone was an inbred, with Rocky being everyone’s half-brother who was also their Father.

With the game out of reach, we left early in the 4th quarter.  We had a drive back to Baltimore and the last thing we wanted to do was get stuck anywhere near that awful crowd.

While 99% of the people at the game were uneducated, impoverished-looking, drunk and drugged idiotic Philly fans who would do anything to let you know you aren’t welcome, there was a 1% that were welcoming, self-deprecating, and fun to catch up with.  Random fans would apologize for the acts of others, and urge us to not listen to “those losers.”  One guy even bought us rounds of shots and kicked it with us for a while.

In summary, the Vikings let us down again. You don’t have to be a historian to know that the Franchise is cursed.  While being the first team to ever play a Super Bowl in their own stadium looked amazing on paper, it wasn’t in the cards.

Now, all we can do is cheer for New England and hope that win, lose, or draw, most of the Philly fans decide to get nuts and off each other.  We can only hope.

Update: Well, that didn’t go as planned.  Eagles win in an amazing Super Bowl.  I guess we get pleasure in watching Philly burn down it’s own City and hopefully control the population a bit by taking each other out with random acts of stupidity.

I wrapped up the month with a training webinar, which I posted a link to below.  If you want to learn about affiliate marketing, and see what’s working in early 2018, check it out. It’s also just a good way to learn more about me and how I help my students achieve success.

I’m also heavily involved in cryptocurrency trading and investing, and I’ll have more on that next month.  In the interim, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube Channel because I’ll be in a competition with many other Entpreneurs in a new series called “Crypto Wars.”  Stay tuned, it’s gonna be good!

February is going to be a big month.  I’m off to Europe after a meeting in New York.  I’m super excited, and know that next month’s blog post will be a solid recap of a lot of off the wall experiences.  I’m also going to document a lot of it on my travel blog, which I’ve linked to below.  That blog is a group effort with other like minded individuals to provide first hand written and video reviews of places all around the world.

If every month is as action packed as January, it’s going to be a heck of a year. 


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