Tim Schmidt

Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, and Best Selling Author. 
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Tim Schmidt Online Marketing Testimonials

As a Digital Marketing Consultant, Internet Marketer of my own brands and ventures, Search Engine Optimization Expert, and even Affiliate Marketer and trainer, I’ve had the pleasure of working on over 1,000 websites in the span of nearly 20 years. Here is a sampling of what people are saying about their experience working with me.

I have been fortunate to hire Ice Cold Marketing to direct my Digital Marketing efforts. Tim’s expertise and knowledge have put us on the map, locally, nationally, and globally, for our real estate company. Tim has a lot of patience and has extensive knowledge in the web. I would highly recommend his company and Tim and look forward to doing future businesses.

Anish Dave

Real Estate Investor & Educator

I met Tim in 2003, through a mutual friend. We started a business venture together that was highly successful, largely due to Tim’s talent for building and managing relationships with customers, affiliates and business partners. He comes from a sales background, but has also developed a deep understanding of Internet marketing, SEO and entrepreneurship. Tim is one of the rare people I’ve encountered who “gets it” and I strongly endorse him for any project in which his sales, marketing and business development skills can be put to good use.

Brad Konia

Fintech Entrepreneur

In the time that I’ve known Tim, he has proved to have an awe inspiring ability to set business targets, and obliterate them with great accuracy. Tim understands the critical convergence of growth based business strategies and the implementation of digital marketing.

Jeremy Cheung

Founding Principal at Link Equity Marketing

Income Report: 0 to $10k / month in 6 months! Met and started getting mentored by Tim in February and the numbers speak for themselves. Thanks Tim for all of your help and insightful ideas.

Jason T. Yoon

Affiliate Marketer

Tim is a pleasure to work with and keeps a close eye on the pulse of Internet marketing trends. We thoroughly enjoy working with him and hope to continue to do so in the future.

Shawn Berg

Digital Strategist & Software Developer

Tim practices what he preaches, and does so on an elite level. As long as I have known Tim, he’s been grinding away and building his online empire.

Nick Molina

Founder & CEO, Hungry Bark

Much like the ocean, the Internet can be a very difficult place to navigate if you don’t have a good Captain guiding you. For nearly 20 years, I’ve assisted businesses of all sizes drive more traffic, convert more leads, and optimize their web presence and systems in order to make their voyage online much more enjoyable!

I am one of the rare Digital Marketers and Search Engine Optimization Experts who practices what I preach. Being an Entrepreneur first and using Online Marketing as a platform to scale revenues, every tactic, method, and system that I will incorporate on your business derives from my own internal testing on my own hyper successful online businesses.

In short, I’ve been there, done that, and even wrote a book about it! Stop throwing your money away on shiny objects and short term hacks, and get a no BS consultation from someone who has been fighting in the trenches with Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and many other crucial traffic sources for nearly twenty years.