It’s going to be very tough to top the long January in review blog update, but here goes nothing.

Let’s start with the obvious – the Super Bowl was played in my home State of Minnesota.  We all planned on the Vikings showing up in Philadelphia to kick the Eagles asses, but that didn’t work out too well.  As I referenced in last month’s update, Philadelphia can burn to the ground for all I care.

I spent the Super Bowl in Las Vegas after a day trip to Los Angeles for some work commitments.  It was very chill, and about half my prop bets came in, but the Patriots cost me some money.  When will I ever learn that you can’t bet out of spite?

On that note, learn how to catch a damn pass, Tom Brady.  Nick Foles can do it.  #JustSayin.

With the Super Bowl bitterness off my chest, time to dig in and get down to details on my month.

What Happened in February of 2018?

As mentioned, I started off heading out on the first to Las Vegas.  From there, it was a quick day trip to Los Angeles.  All went well, and it was back to Vegas for some killer workouts at my friend James’ boot camp studio and some battles with the blackjack tables and one armed bandits prior to putting in some Super Bowl bets.  The weekend went fast, but I wish the red eye home after the Super Bowl went faster.  I hate red eyes, and never take them, but this was the one and only option for this trip.

I had 48 hours to regroup, spend time with my son and dogs, get the house and bills in order, and be ready to be away for a couple weeks.  A 7 AM flight to New York on the 7th meant a black car would be waiting outside at 4:45 AM, and when he showed up early, he legit beat my alarm clock.  Solid service, Black Lane. I’ll definitely be using you again.

New York City is always a good time, and with our flight heading to Iceland on Thursday night, getting in early on Wednesday meant we had two full days in the Big Apple.

Next Stop, Iceland

Iceland may not seem like a great place to spend a vacation to most people, but living in Florida and having done just about every Caribbean Island (they are so close and easy to get to from Miami), it’s a welcome change of pace. When I think of Iceland, I think of Vikings, glaciers, and igloos.  It’s not a country that gets a lot of media coverage, but if you look it up, there are tons of unique things to do there.  Our agenda included a hike, a plan to see the Northern Lights, and a trip to the world famous Blue Lagoon.

While the Northern Lights weren’t visible because of the storms, the rest of the country did not disappoint!  What a place.  Going back ASAP.

Here are my personal highlights:

    • The Blue Lagoon is a must-visit for anyone going to Iceland.
    • The food!  I ate bread bowl soups packed with meat (perfect for the cold winter), horse tenderloin, puffin, whale, and fermented shark.
    • A mountain top hike in a blizzard.  Probably not the ideal vacation for most people, but it was an unforgettable experience.
    • The people!  They are savages!  Complete Vikings who are nice, courteous, and tough SOB’s!


This was meant to be a quick exploratory before our next two destinations – Italy and Spain.  It was “whatever.”  Yeah, the Red Light District was entertaining, but the food was so disgusting that it was hard to feel normal throughout the trip.  Sure, a couple bad meals at bars are fine, but this place offered nothing healthy.  I wasn’t a huge fan of Amsterdam, but then again, it was a quick trip. I’ll give it another chance some day.

Rome, Italy

Awesome place!  The food was good, the sight seeing was as expected, and the City was beautiful.  I’d go back, but in the Summer.  Still pretty bummed they didn’t have a VIP section at the Roman Colosseum, but I’ll live.

Barcelona, Spain

One of the coolest hotels I’ve stayed at – and I’ve stayed at some gems – is the Hotel Arts in Barcelona.  It’s a Ritz Carlton hotel, so you know the expectations are pretty lofty.

This one didn’t let down, and the suites on the club level were some of the best I’ve seen.  With views like this, who could argue?

I liked the City a lot.  The passion they have for their soccer team, Barcelona F.C., is unbeatable.  Flags were hung out of the majority of the balconies in the City, and the team stores were ready to sell you just about anything you wanted with their team colors and logo on them.  It’s no wonder they are perennially one of the top clubs in the world, their fan base is incredible.

Saw some cool stuff, including Sagrada la Familia church, which was an amazing spectacle.  I liked how modern Barcelona was, and was really impressed with how active the people were. They were always running, biking, or jogging up and down the board walk.  The food was good – lots of ham and bread, and the Spa on the 44th floor of the hotel was incredible.

Overall, February was very busy, but like usual, armed with an International Cell phone plan, a laptop, and a will to keep things moving, it was also very rewarding.

Until next month, keep on #EarningFromAnywhere.