Best Konker Jobs

This page rounds up the best gigs you can find on, which is a website dedicated to connecting Internet Marketing Service providers with people who are looking to source everything from content creation, website set-up, link building and guest posting, even video production.  You can find just about anything you need to keep your online business flowing fluidly, thanks to the many experts who deliver high quality services.

Not all Konker Jobs are Created Equal!

Many marketers make the mistake of using outsourcers who simply don’t know what the heck they are doing.  This can set back a website and damage any work already done.  Choosing the proper gigs is like sourcing ingredients for a high end restaurant.  You must be meticulous and work with only trusted service providers.

I started an Excel file one day to chart my own progress and keep tabs on many Konker jobs I had used.  When I finally came to grips with what works, and what doesn’t, I figured I would share this publicly.