Amplifying Average

My first book, Amplifying Average, is for the ordinary person with big dreams.  Born into average circumstances, aptitudes, and surroundings, I had to claw, hack, and fight for happiness and financial freedom.  Very few things in life are given to you, but through a series of challenging life experiences, I reflect on life-changing decisions and break down these moments and identify exact actions to take to give you an advantage over your competition.

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Amplifying Average

Who is Amplifying Average For?

This book was written for anyone seeking to learn from someone Else’s Entrepreneurial and lifestyle mistakes, decisions, and risks taken.  Anyone who is competing in the corporate world, looking for hacks to add to their master plan, or anyone who is looking to do something better than their competition.

Having gone through many personal and environmental challenges throughout living in the Midwest, Central America, and Miami, the diversity of cultural and corporate experiences I’ve endured are items that can be learned from.

What Type of Information Will You Find Inside the Book?

  • Shortcuts to getting the download on your entire market sector
  • Why the Upside of Taking Risks Far Surpasses the Downside of Failure
  • Espionage Type Sleuthing so you can be prepared for any casual encounter that could lead to new business.

More Information:

How did Tim Schmidt, an average Midwestern kid who graduated with a lot of debt and a big bar tab, become one of the most respected and in-demand Digital Marketing consultants in the world?

How does someone with no start-up money, special skills, or clear advantage become an industry upsetter, closing deals and earning seven figures no matter if he’s on a hike in Iceland, at a bachelor party in Costa Rica, swimming with Stingrays in the Cayman Islands, or lounging on a yacht in Miami?

Is it really possible for the average person to go from struggle and stress to Rolexes and Ferraris? You bet it is!

Tim Schmidt has identified 15 lessons that will help the average person amplify their life, break out of the “average trap,” and finally unlock their dreams. In Amplifying Average, Schmidt shares those lessons, with practical details and battle tested strategies to show how the average person can earn as much money as they want, live life on their own terms, and, most importantly, realize that happiness is their true ROI.

Tim Schmidt doesn’t like to be told what to do. Known as Tim Shady to his friends, he’s the quintessential entrepreneur, with a rebellious attitude and mind-boggling work ethic that turned him into one of the most sought-after Digital Marketers in the world. Over his storied career, Schmidt has helped brands and companies grow in many verticals from local medical, real estate, and legal offices, all the way up to disruptive brands like VaporFi and As one of the top e-commerce and affiliate marketing influencers in the world, Schmidt has headlined marketing conferences and shared the stage with the likes of Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street himself.

He currently resides in South Florida trying to keep up with his with his beloved son and two dogs, although the Internet will always be the place he calls home. To get in touch with Tim Schmidt for media or business inquiries:

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